If you require legal representation for a personal injury, or a workers’ compensation claim, the attorney you choose is important.  You want an attorney with the experience to vigorously protect your rights and the dedication to give your legal matter the time and attention it requires. You can find the quality legal representation you need at Hatfield Temple.  Located in Florence, South Carolina, we are one of the oldest and most highly respected law firms in the Pee Dee area.  Our attorneys have advocated passionately on behalf of thousands of injured and disabled clients.

Hundreds of cases of nursing home neglect are reported each year in South Carolina. Perhaps you, or a loved on have experienced this. Maybe you recently got into an automobile accident and are getting the run around from the insurance company while medical bills continue to pile up. The nursing homes will deny any wrong-doing the and insurance companies have dedicated teams to avoiding paying claims altogether if possible. You need someone on your team dedicated to fighting for your rights. If you are getting the run around from the insurance company, or a loved one has become a victim of nursing home neglect, we have the knowledge and experience to diligently pursue your claim.

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